Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Day Ten: A Shopping Day & Designing

My day started with inspirations for a new master bedroom I am helping with in New Orleans.  This will be a gift for my niece that got married a short while back.  While recently in New Orleans this past weekend, I was able to view the space, get measurements, photos and do an interview.

The home is very inspiring as it has a lot of great historical features and some antiques.  The home is really loving a formal look but we want to keep it warm and current also.  

Not only did my niece get married but so did all of their stuff.  One design principal is Harmony.  That means that everything in the room should harmonize.  Now this is a challenge in some cases.  Sure, if we were handed an empty room and a blank check, it could be a slam dunk.  But, as it is with most homes, we have to work hard to make this happen.  With some thought and planning and some creative powers, I think we have some solutions.  I will be anxious to share but only plans will be in place for awhile, then, we can put into motion a slow but sure start.  Her daughter's wedding is taking priority at the moment, so this master bedroom will be on hold a bit longer.

Today we wrapped up shopping for a large open area for a client that includes an entry, a formal sitting area, dining room and den.  My living room is packed with a lot of beauties just waiting to get to their home.

While out, we visited one of my favorite local vintage shops.  I will tell you in hopes you will want to visit it if in the area.  I am sharing a few finds that I loved and would either love to own myself or just ideas tucked away for upcoming creations.

This mirror is huge and is over $2,000. but absolutely gorgeous.  If you have a large home or church or space, it is a great find!

This chandelier lamp is really pretty and about $95.  You just don't see these kinds of lamps anymore, yet very classic.  The crystals are real and not faux as many are now in shops.

Another classic lamp.  I think this one was about $150.  Also, no faux finishes on this!

 A smaller lamp with gorgeous crystals.  ♥♥♥

Here is a very unusual lamp but would really be cool in the right setting.

On my last trip to this shop, I purchased this vase.  It is not really an antique but it just felt like the right piece to fit in my home.  Here it is in my kitchen with some silk flowers.  It will have a long life as it is a really versatile piece.  The price, I think, was under $20.

Let's Meet Here Again Tomorrow Night.  Sweet Dreams.