Tuesday, April 28, 2009

God's Favor

I have been reading a book to my students in my Life Skills’ class. We have been impacted by studying “God’s Favor” in our lives. I asked my students what they thought favor really means. I know we have many times asked a friend, “Hey, would you do me a favor?” Then we begin to ask for a special thing to be done.

For me, I think when God says He wants to give us His good favor, He is saying, “I am using the word favor because I just want to do this thing for you out of my kindness to you. Not that you have done anything to deserve it, but just because I want to do it as a favor.

When I looked up the definition of favor, I got:

Friendly regard shown toward another especially by a superior

Gracious kindness; also: an act of such kindness favor

A token of love

A small gift or decorative item given out at a party

A special privilege or right granted or conceded

Many times we only bother to pray to God when we have some enormous request, that we know only He can do. God is so interested in our everyday, small stuff and the great details of our lives that we totally overlook the fact that He is right there ready to do us a “favor.”

I love the mention of a favor being given at weddings. These are small gifts that the bride and groom give to their guest as a small token of their appreciation for coming and celebrating their special day….getting married. Can we believe for the small gifts God wants to put in our path?

One quote in the book I am reading says to pray, “God, I know your favor is coming my way.” My students and I went to a computer and typed this prayer and vowed to put it in a prominent place in our homes to remind ourselves of God’s desire to give us His favor in our lives.

I pray that whoever reads this entry will challenge yourself to be open to God’s favor that wants to come to you right now. Now….watch out for it. Let me know when you know you receive a token of “His good favor.”