Saturday, October 04, 2014

A Wall Collage

Day Three:

Gary and I worked in our home offices until about noon.  We decided to run a few errands and have lunch somewhere that was a healthy choice.  So it was, Panera.  Where we sat, I was facing one of my absolute favorite walls in that place.  I love the colors and the art is very themed and in a collage.  I love collages.  

Collage:  a combination or collection of various things.  In decor, it is usually a wall that contains a grouping of photos or art.

Although my favorite wall, I was terribly irratated by the layout.  The bold side of me called what looked like the manager passing by (and indeed was) : )  and complimented the wall and color but continued to tell him they just were not all hung right.  I explained that I was an interior decorator and would be happy to help them to make this wall look great.  He admitted the other manager just stuck them all up there and most likely would he would love the help. So...I am a bit excited to get this small job. And most of all enjoy this wall even more when it gets it's mini makeover.

Here is a few gallery walls I have done and find appealing.  The first is my own dining area filled with some Goodwill finds, some of my own productions and a few original pieces I own.  Once I completed this wall, the room invited me in.  So much more cozy and welcoming than the one larger art piece I tried to make work in this space.

This is a gallery I did in a client home:

"If you have a lot of small pictures and want to make a big statement, consider making a grouping in one area with a collage and you will get the wow factor of a one big look."
                                                                                   Donna Madden

This is another good example of a photo gallery.  I found this one on Pinterest.

Great sharing my thoughts with you today.  Hope I have given you a little insight.  Need a decorator?  I think I may have one in mind you may just want to check her out.  Smiles.  

Have a blessed day.

this post explains how to set up a wall gallery/ collage by an actual person using ikea frames