Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Day 14: A Change Is Going To Come

My morning started with a trip to the Baybrook area.  You know, I can not begin to tell you in this blog what listening to heart felt music can do.  In my car this morning on Youtube via my car speakers, music completely filled the atmosphere.  My nephew, posted this yesterday and it is truly one of those kind of songs that is awesome.

Yes, October is a month I will NEVER forget when real CHANGE came to me and my entire family.  The church had been praying for our family for years.  Spring of this late 1960's year drew my family to an altar of prayer and commitment to God that we will forever be grateful literally through eternity!  

October of that same year was my day when God completely filled me with His Spirit and my life was transformed.  Since, marrying a preacher husband and committing the best years of my life to ministry, I have never looked back!

This coming Sunday my hubby will be speaking at Life Family Church in Cypress.  We are looking forward to it.

I am thankful for a new job that came to me today for a whole house completion of a renovation in Friendswood.

While shopping today, I always look out for unique coffee cups that brings one of my favorite moments of my daily coffee ritual to a new level. I found a sweet little cup that caught my eye.  This is one of those small things that shines a little light to my day.

Tonight, left over roast prepped in some fresh gravy beefed up from the original drippings, with fresh carrots in a butter/brown sugar sauce and steamed rice.

I got to try out a new restaurant while out today, Blaze Pizza.  It was a nice change and yummy!  I was hungry and decided to stop there to go over my to do list and get a bite rather than my normal Starbucks stop.  Good choice.

Got to see my sweet little Jack today and take care of him while "mom" had a little errand to run.  Pure sweetness!  We'll share a "today" shot Hannah got him as I did not take one this time.

A Change Is Going To Come

Jack Louis earlier today with his mom, Hannah Kennard

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Have a Happy Tuesday.

Day 23: Gearing Up!

Today's focus was getting in gear for India.  Marketplace happening this coming week end and a lot to do to get ready.  First stop was Kast Fabrics where we got fabric and down inserts for 6 throw pillows.  Ahhh, that took some time.  It was a hard decision trying to guess what people would want to buy.

Another stop and found a few more things that should work and the India flavor is starting to come to surface.

If you are reading this and would like to be a part of Marketplace, I would love your help.  I have several one hour spots that are open on Saturday and Sunday's world market times, then shop at all of the other markets and enjoy flavors and shopping from around the world! 

This morning began with 2 new jobs in text messages.  Thankful.

Tonight I actually had a fried food dinner which I can not tell you when I have done that, but the mood for fried catfish just really sounded good and I think I actually impressed my hubby, along with homemade french fries.

My brother, Kenny Walston, is bass player at his church and has played in a few bands.  This is him in the red shirt.  He and this band does a neat set where they each individually record their segment of the song and music and a master mixer producer puts it all together.  As you can tell by me trying to explain it I am pretty clueless of how it's done.  Anyway, I am impressed and thought you all may enjoy it and... I get a chance to brag and show off my brother and his talent.  : )

Here is a sneak peak at one of the fabrics we chose today:

Catch me while I'm on it!  Want a global inspired room??  We are on overload trying to pull ideas for this event and would love to do a room like this one in a room makeover for some lucky person.  

Sherwin Williams calls this color scheme "Unbounded" in their 2017 Colormix Color Forecast.   

Design is adapting to more diverse populations.  Global consciousness is a mural painted in earthy mustards, ocean blues, corals and mud.

Have a great week!