Thursday, October 22, 2015

Day 21: A Good Day

What makes a good day?  Not focusing on what you could consider bad but finding all the so very many good things in a day.  Top of the list today is the wonderful presence of my God in my home tonight.  I absolutely love when I feel Him so close and His loving arms all around me and those in my home.

I enjoyed some really sweet finds for my client I am enjoying working with so much.  And, FINALLY, I am done with my home wallpaper project.  I will post better pics a little later when there is great natural light.

It is so hard to not buy a pic you love yourself.  I fell for this one love at first sight.
It is going to be a perfect fit in it's new home.

Thrilled to find the perfect shade of green that will be the perfect fit for this decor project.

Today I picked up the art on the right.  I had to order an over sized mat for it.  This pic 
is not for everyone, but I think it is artistic and I love the colors.  And, we have this
little love affair for coffee.  So, it is in it's rightfully place in our home.

This small niche with now wallpaper has transformed my kitchen.  I am not a perfectionist
with this installation but saved a ton by doing it myself.  
My next project will be the seating cushions in desperate need of a redo.

Later....Good Night.