Thursday, October 13, 2016

Day Twelve: A Cool Shopping Spot

To make my October even more awesome, I responded to a Stitch Fix mail brochure.  A few years ago I got my first Stitch Fix package and it was really a neat concept.
Stitch Fix is an online company that gives you a complimentary stylist and allows you to personalize your order for separates, dresses and accessories.  You pay only $20. and the $20. goes towards anything you want to keep in the box.  If you choose to keep the entire box, they offer you a 25% discount.  You can send them to you Pinterest boards you have saved fashion ideas you love to help guide them to your style preference.

For me, I asked for pencil skirts below the knee, no jewelry, outer wear for fall and a clutch deer skin bag.  I am not sure what I will get, a complete surprise!  My last order included a faux leather clutch that I used and got tons of compliments.  I know some of my "fancy" friends was sure it was real leather.  (I would not tell).

Here are some photos of some of their items.  If you are interested, I have a link to their site here and below also.

Each piece includes a tag like this showing you ways to style your Stitch Fix piece.

To get a little insight of your taste, there are groupings similar to this and ask you to let them know what you think:

Keep one or as many items you want.  Or, send back the entire box.  No shipping fee.
Some great photos on their Instagram.

Happy Shopping.  My Stitch Fix is scheduled for October 31.  Can't wait to see what's in the box!