Friday, October 02, 2015

Day 2: My First Skimming Job & Staghorn

Earlier this summer I painted a wall in my kitchen and did some fresh styling.  My accessories were very rustic and I really wanted a fresh look.  I decided on navy and white.  Using an edited approach and sticking to my guns as I do for a client, I am in love with the new look.  

Today, finally (!), I have done what I have dreaded most....skimming the wall area to prep for the wall paper.  I have never done this.  I googled a little tutorial, watched and began!  Here is the video.

Here is the space:  The entire room is a cream color.  I used this wrap wall to accent some of the architecture of the space.  The small inset area that leads to the laundry room and the garage in another door straight in is the area I am wall papering.  The small door leads to the pantry.

Here is my wallpaper choice:

A closer look at my target area.  I am sure I will be done in October.  So ... we will post photos of the finished results and the styling of the room later this month.

I was with a client in the Decorative Center Houston a couple of weeks ago.  In one of the shops I spotted this plant.  I know it was a little sad but I still thought it looked artsy.  Thanks to a Facebook friend, it got a name, Staghorn Fern.

I searched online and decided to purchase the french longhorn fern.  Yesterday, I planted it in my own pot, cleaned the leaves and gave it some fresh soil.  I would say it is very happy now.

It is one of my cover features for my 31 Days of Writing.

Staghorn Ferns are noted for the use for being mounted on a wall.  Although not my favorite way to use, I will share this photo for the idea.