Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Day 6: Honoring my sister, Judy on her birthday

Super busy day stacking a whole bunch of errands and shopping all in one day. Stuff to resale shop, stuff to give away to a thrift store, Redbox, bank, return an item, shop for decor jobs, grocery store, oh and of course, Starbucks.  : )

Today marks a special day for a very special person in my life, Judy Ann Walston.  My big sister.  Some time back, I wrote a blog entry about her.  I want to share it again today.


Judy, my "big" sister, is one of the most fun people you will ever be with. Her gift is making you laugh and encouraging you when you need it most.

A first memory I am privileged to remember about Judy's many talents is, when she was about 10 years old, she sculpted a hand that she created out of mud. It was really neat and how I wish it could have been preserved! Since then to now, her many talents have soared to great heights!  And, "hands" have been sculpted and painted in many shapes and forms.   I know Judy is capable of building a house from scratch if she just wanted to.

It is a must that you visit her blog that features her many creations in art.  http://judywalstonartist.blogspot.com/ At present, Judy is an interior designer at the VA hospital staff in Alexandria, Louisiana. She has completed her degree in art in New Orleans, Louisiana. She is a member of the Pentecostals of Alexandria and a member of the sanctuary choir. Judy also gives "fantastic" massages! Her home is very serene with faux finishes on the walls, an art gallery with unusual themed rooms of her many creations. 

Her children are, Kevin, a banker in Alexandria and husband of Rebekka, a school teacher, Michelle, full time mother of twins and teen daughter, wife of Wallace, a chemist and Jennifer, of Houston, Texas, marketing in the banking industry.

Here we all are...me, Linda, Judy, on right, and Kenny.  Christmas 2014 at my mother's home.
Judy's newest grandchild, daughter of Kevin and Rebekah, Gianna

Today, I was telling Judy that someone asked me, "who do you get your talent from, your Mom or your Dad"?  Judy answered and said, "I get it from God".  She says her talent all comes down to one thing, desire.  People think, she says, that she is so talented but she prefers to think of herself as just really having the "want to".  How true that is.  One of the greatest sermons ever preached was by Allen Oggs, "You've Got to have the Want To".  Bro. Oggs was born with cerebral palsy and not expected to live.  He had a HUGE speak impediment and could hardly speak, but when it came time to preach, it all went away. I found the audio!  Listen to it here.

To Judy... no matter how life has made it's turns, I have always expected you to take care of me.  You have helped me so many times in my life.  You have made me laugh when I was going through my hardest times.  You indeed possess a gift of ministry that is a strength to many.  Just like the vision in your dream that I have a painting of that God revealed to you and you painted.  You are an encourager.  I hope you have the greatest year EVER!!  Expect God's best in your life THIS YEAR.  Love you, big sister.

The most prized possession in my home is this really large original art done by Judy.  To each his own interpretation.  This is my hand she painted.  I choose to interpret this art as "The Keys to Overcoming Your Fears".