Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Day 31: Let's Stay Connected

I am thankful for any new followers on this blog for the month of October.  I have enjoyed stretching myself to have something to share every day this month.  I have done this 31 Days of Writing now for 4 years along with a lot of other bloggers.  Our stats tell us we got 3,810 page views in the month of October!  Wow,  thank you so much for joining!!

I regret I will not be able to share on a daily basis all of the new endeavors and reveals on projects we are currently working on as well as those that will be in the future.  Tonight I want to invite you to all of the other places we are online.

This is my business blog.  Here we share projects we have done and reviews.

Our Facebook Business Page:

Our Houzz Business Page

Our Instagram Page You are invited to follow.

Our LinkedIn Page.  Please join our network.

This Website will take you to all of those places.  We are proud of our website we created ourselves along with mentors and editor.

We would love to share our portfolio with you and show you all of the ways we can cater to your design needs.  We do this presentation for free.  If you choose to use our services, we do an interview with you to help us visualize your desires and needs.  Then we take photos of the spaces and if needed, measurements.  We are able to give you an estimate on the hours it would take to do your design and work with the budget you have to set for any purchases to help implement the design.  We look forward to working with you.  We work on an hourly rate so no need is too small.

Have a great holiday season!
Let's stay connected!