Monday, October 02, 2017

Day One: Re-branding

This year began with a special vision casting service at my home church lead by Pastor Jason Sciscoe.  We were blessed to be a part of a focus group of leaders in attendance.  Pastor prayed for each of us and with his gift of prophesy he began to speak prophetic words of encouragement to each of us.  It was a very intimate service and God's presence was very real.

When pastor prayed for me, he began to speak of what God was going to do this year in my interior design business. Wow.  I left full of faith and excitement!

I will just tell you that soon following that meeting, God also lead me to a mentor that also believed in me and with several meetings and a lot of hard work, we began to strip away what I thought was a good business strategy and model to a higher path of endless potential!

Tonight I will share my new business card.  We have a lot to share.  We'll try not to give you too much at one time.

After designing this, shortly after, we did some studies on the Golden Means, a concept we studied in college but never completely wrapped my head around.  Though still a bit of a blur, I went back and compared my business card layout.  Once designed and the layout kept evolving until I felt it was right, it appears to be indeed a good example of the Golden Means.

I had no idea when discovering the notes feature on my new IPhone that one of my drawings would some day become my logo.  This was done with finger drawing on my phone's screen while I had a lot of time in the hospital with my husband for several days.

31 Days of Writing in October 2017

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FYI:  This photo was taken just one month ago as we were asked to come up with a way to display Kids Art.  This art was displayed for The Church Triumphant's first annual Missions Conference.  Pictured is myself with my great and fabulous carpenters used for this project.  Art will be auctioned at an upcoming Fall Family Fest the last week of this month of October.

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