Monday, July 09, 2018

Establish Your Thoughts

Commit thy works unto the Lord,
and thy thoughts shall be established.


If you read your "scripture for the day", I assume this was yours also.  This spoke to me late last night as I read it sometime after midnight.

Established is one of the words that I felt for 2018 derived from the main focus word, FORMAL.

Wow, what a powerful scripture as if we can find one of the keys to help our thought process, we are on our way to greatness!

Our thoughts ultimately control our destiny.  Recently I posted a quote that was indeed powerful: "What are the most powerful words in the universe?  The words you speak to yourself."

You are what you think.

I like one version of this scripture:  "Entrust your efforts to the Lord, and your plans will succeed." GW

Ultimately, when your thoughts are established in Him, then you can expect success!

So, the question is, HOW do we commit our works?  I feel we must commit our daily efforts, our plans, and our work we do daily to Him in prayer.  Pray over all of our endeavors.  He is interested in being a part of our decisions and wants to help us make the right decisions whether it is to purchase new real estate for our company or choosing the perfect color for walls you are helping to design in a home.  I really believe if you are a sacker at a grocery store, you have the ability to put enthusiasm into your work and do it as unto God.  You will find creative ways to make your work more interesting, make a consumer wait a bit longer just to be in your line, and your good works will lead you to greater positions.  

I will say that my design projects are "divinely designed" as I truly depend on Him to help me work until I can say"It is good."      

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.