Monday, October 27, 2014

Make a Statement

Day 26:

black and white with gold. Vignette idea for tray table

Focal point, statement, vignette, display...
every small area is an opportunity to make a statement
or what ever you choose to call it.
Here you can see a crowded bedside table created from what appears to me as an old bamboo portable table that's been spray painted white.  What makes this work?
  • The use of black and white, not too many colors that kept it clean.  Although done with many objects, it does not feel cramped because of the calm neutral color palette. This could be done also with cream and brown or gray and white.
  • The textured pillow in white brings an interest, texture and personality.
  • The use of some metal as here with the brass lamp and the other brass metal gives it a bit of glamour and shine.  
If the table had not been white washed, it would have made a big difference in the overall outcome of the complete look.  

Every item here can be purchased at a thrift store for a fraction of what you would imagine, considering the finished outcome.

If you do not think of yourself as a decorator, consider working on a small vignette and make it calm and pleasing.

It is just nice to have a little spot that greets you and displays items that have meaning to you.

You may be surprised what you may already own that can come together for a pleasing focal point somewhere in a space in your own home.

Have a great week!