Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Day Guided by a Color Palette

Day Fourteen:

I know.  I am posting this two days late!  I was in Austin for a decor job and it was a really busy day.  Plus, it doubled as a fun time because my client is also my sister in law.  The weather was perfect and made the day all the more wonderful.  Meeting with contractors, work room staff for drapes, more fabric and furniture stores, etc. etc.   wrapped up a lot of progress.  Plus we sandwiched in some great cups of coffee and fabulous food.

Finding inspirations for this color palette has been a fun one to follow.

Looking forward to the finish line.  It's going to be amazing!

Blessed on Day Thirteen

Day Thirteen:

Since it is day 13, I will declare this day my lucky day.  I am truly blessed to have a family...a husband who loves me and understands me, a son that is uniquely gifted and a gift from God and my daughter who has made me proud.  And, Abigail Summer, Aaron's little girl, our bundle of great joy!  

With Thanksgiving approaching, it is just not hard to look around and see the multiple blessings from God and it hugely starts right in my own home!  Love these people who are my closest companions.

Have a blessed week!