Thursday, October 08, 2015

Day 7: Everything Needs a Home

Today, I thought I would just pass on something that I read in an organizing book that has helped me.
"Everything Needs A Home."
As simple as this seems, no matter what item you are picking up or need to store or put away, it may be on the procrastination list because it really does not have a distinctive place that it goes.

Now, I have to preach this to myself and remind my own self sometimes.  I am not a neat freak and if you could see my house at this moment, you would most likely laugh out loud that I would be writing this.

I have a medium size box and a basket I am looking at right now in my office with things that needs to find their home.  Sometimes it's as simple as creating a new file folder with that name on it or clearing a drawer or shelf.  It can really be that simple.

I think our biggest problem is there is sometimes NO MORE VACANCY in our housing development for some of the new stuff we bring into our home.  As a reminder to myself and to you, we become maxed out when we fail to find a moment or two to take something out.  Give it away, throw it away or sell it.  Sounds easy?  It really isn't.

As I quoted on a recent blog, "inch by inch, anything is a cinch".  I can remember taking out one drawer each night and turning it upside down and going through the stuff.  I found plenty of things to go to the trash, give away or reorganize.

At this moment, I am overwhelmed by the amount of stuff in my house!  Furniture that goes back to clients, a pile of decor making ready for another client, a fabulous large frame I got out of someone's trash on the side of the road ( !), 3 large baskets waiting for a church event, and the list goes on.

My advise, if your home becomes too overwhelming, start with one corner.  I used to think I could not clean unless I could detail clean the entire space at one time.  As a result, things just didn't get done as it should.  I have learned, even if I were to break up a room for example the bathroom, potty one day, tub the next, sink area another day, I have at lease gotten one area done and 9 times out of ten, that is all I needed to get my "starter" going and before I know it I have the entire space done.

Ok, just a few words and just maybe someone may be encouraged.

Not everyone has had good examples in their life.  Not everyone has had someone love them enough to share something as simple as this blog post.  It may not be for you, but, JUST MAYBE, someone needs it.

This is one area that can be tackled very easy and brings great rewards.  All of the toilet paper out of the plastic wrapper and neatly put on a shelf, q tips, etc. in clear glass, towels folded neatly, add a basket and decor.

The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking:  31 DAYS TO AN ORGANIZED HOME:

There are tons of ideas on Pinterest and Google searches.  Have a great day Thursday!  Now, decide what area you can tackle tomorrow.  No matter what you keep shuffling around, give it a home and you will always know where to put it.