Thursday, October 29, 2015

Day 28: Republican Debate, Rockets and Awesome Church

My day was blessed with some time at home re-working my gallery wall.  I got so in to it that before I knew it I had completely forgotten an annual medical check up I had on the schedule.  One phone call and a rush out the door, it was all done.  The paperwork took longer than the exam itself.

On our way to church the skies were stunning!  I snapped several shots.  It only takes us about 15 to 20 minutes to get to Strawberry Road in Pasadena, but the views were ever changing.  We were into the night as we pulled into the parking lot.

Pastor preached about turning the tides on our enemy and shared his stories along with stories from late Tom Barnes, one of his mentors.  It brought down the house and our Wednesday evening service turned into a Sunday meeting!

We arrived home to view the Republican debate.  Wow, I just had to clap out loud for some of the great answers and sharpness of these candidates.  I can say we have some strong contenders for this upcoming election in the Republican party.  This was better than most movies I have ever watched.

We also enjoyed a late night getting to watch our favorite basketball team, the Rockets, taped for us.  A bit disappointed but we have great faith this team will catch up and show the true great team we know them to be.

This old chest has some square nails and I just don't have the heart to get rid of it.  Some things you 
keep long enough they feel like a part of you.  It just needs some TLC.  Suggestions please.
My idea is to strip and refinish and add some prettier knobs.  I have some lion head metal 
ones that are old I have considered.

This small original watercolor painting I have had a long time.  Because of it's
purple color, it has had a hard time fitting with my home.  Editing this vignette, it finally
feels right and I am liking it.

This is the gallery wall.  I have a little growing room.  I love the color
that I was able to bring into it and it makes an even happier spot 
in our home.  So looking forward to adding wedding shots from
Hannah and Blake's March wedding.
Note:  the mid century modern chairs are for sale and will not be a part of this wall.

 Now, you can follow this sunset.  The blue was a little towards
a teal and the pink a more peach color.  So beautiful.

Along with the teal and peach, the clouds starting becoming a 
mix with charcoal grays.

Then all became gray with only hints of pinks in the far horizon.

Until it became all gray and into the darkness of the night.

Good Night all.  I would love your comments.  Thanks for stopping by.

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