Thursday, October 29, 2015

Day 29: Window Treatment Install

I love the finishing touches of a home we have been working on for some time now.  This install finishes our project with this South Shore Harbor area client.

This is the Master bath window.  I also love the chandelier we found for this space.

 This is the window treatment in the sun room overlooking the pool.  Love!

Also snapped a pic of the powder room with the accent wall covering and gold walls.  All paired
with a new vanity coupled with the newly installed copper sink.  Complete photos on my decorating blog.

     This little guy was so cute,
     I just had to get a pic.                                

My find for the day:  Hannah, starting up her LuLaRoe clothing line was in need of matching hangers.  We actually found some at a great price, her favorite signature color, green.

Super upset arriving home, no purse!!  I trailed my way back along the 2 stop path and even to the police station to see if someone may have turned in my purse if found in the parking lot.  At last!  I found it in this store!  I suppose, right where I left it.  Telling my kids that were worried for me, Hannah says, "Now whhhaaattt did we learn from thiiisss"???  LOL  My answer, "don't tell your kids you lost your purse until you are POSITIVE it can not be found".  LOL  Bottom line, SOOO glad I found it.  Mainly, it also had my car keys in it!  I was with Gary at the time and he was waiting for me in the van.

Results:  happy day.  Good night.

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