Tuesday, October 21, 2014

La Porte

Day 21:

Living in La Porte, Texas has some perks.  I thought I would share a place we frequent often. One really neat thing about this old town charm is no traffic!  

Today, I had to go down and check in on a job on the bay of La Porte and do some measuring, so, I just could not resist the urge to get some of my favorite food.
The first time we came to this restaurant, it was packed for breakfast.  It is really hard to find places that serve breakfast and this place offers it all day long.  Yesterday, AND today, Gary and I enjoyed their chirizo and eggs burritos.  They come with complimentary chips and dip.  If you really want to ramp up the flavor and splurge on the calories, you have to try one of their home made pralines.  Oh my goodness, fabulous! When dining in, we also love their pancakes.  It is something about their syrup that is over the top.

Here it is... El Ranchero, La Porte.

Had to get out of my bug and snap a shot.  Notice, no traffic on the road.  Nice.

Parked right in front of the door.

I got to do a little "catch up" at home today, cooked dinner tonight and now to do more sketches for my Commercial One class I am currently in at San Jac Central.

Here's a little peak of what that looks like, along with the designer and info.

16 done and 35 to go! Plus designer info.  It will be a great reference notebook when all done.

Not so painful as I have a love for chairs. 

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