Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Color Inspiration

Day 20:

Have a favorite outfit??  Did you know an entire room can be inspired from your favorite outfit with it's color combinations, textures and accessories.

How about a black leather sofa with a blue and white rug, a tangerine velvet club chair and a few gold accessories?  Just an example of what attracts you to purchase your favorite pieces for clothing you love best can be the very colors that you would fall in love with for a favorite space.  Notice, the photographer chose some hot pink in the background against the tangerine that makes an interesting combination to these colors.  A small dose of that color, which is unexpected could balance a really cool look and ramp up even more interest.

Just so you know, I think the nails completely ruins this look.  The color could work but I think not so long!

If I were interviewing a client and they said they wanted their space to look interestingly put together, tailored with a little bling, this would be a great inspiration for that space.

Leather Pencil Skirt ❤️

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