Thursday, October 01, 2015

Day 1: This Week's Design Project

Monday, I began my week with a client I have done quiet a bit of work for.  Latisha is a fun, vibrant lady that was the daughter of a missionary in Japan on three occasions.  I love her collection of authentic Japanese items purchased at antique flea markets in Japan.

Mark & Latisha Andrews, founders of Beta Academy and The Crash Church, Houston, Texas

This week we styled Latisha's office of her new location for her charter school, Beta Academy.  We rolled in Monday morning, took some measurements and photos, did a quick interview, then headed to my favorite place to shop for the best bang for the buck.  In about one hour, I put together 90% of everything we needed.  

From there, I took an hour or two to eat, pick up my tool box and head back.  Couldn't wait to get my hands on all that great stuff!

Here are a few photos of the space.  We are still working on the possibilities of custom valances and a couple of more purchases to complete the space.

We purposely shopped for 4 chairs in different styles but that related to the style aesthetics. 
We wanted it functional yet not boring.  Results:  interesting and reflected our client's "no fear" 
in design. 

Please note:  the Japanese hanging was not photo ready.  It still needed to be taken home and pressed and hung without the center space.  Also electrical cover still needed to be purchased.

Thank you Latisha for allowing me to share!


Cheryl M said...

This IS interesting and very comfortable looking for anyone visiting her office.

Donna Madden said...

Thank you. So glad you find it interesting and, that it appears to be comfortable. As soon as we got the chairs in their place and completely UNfinished, her staff was already finding their way to enjoy the seating. I could tell already it was going to draw people in. I like the fact that everyone who comes in loves choosing THEIR favorite chair. : )