Monday, October 05, 2015

Day 5: Inch by Inch Anything is a Cinch

Here we go.  Looks like 2 double rolls of paper is going to do it.  My DIY project is nearly done.  I talked myself into getting started late today.  ALMOST done.  But, it will not get done until tomorrow.  Just thought I would give you a "sneak peak".  It is really going to look great and really make that little niche area pop!

When you have a project that can not be done in a one time attempt, just remember, start.  But, the important thing is to FINISH!  I am thankful that I somehow inherited a trait to finish when I begin something.  This can be a very difficult thing for some.  I will say, I do not enjoy a lot of things I have to do to keep up with life, but, if you love the finished product enough, it will be the the driver that keeps pushing you forward.

My next project has to be the very now ugly gold cushions.  This could be an easy fix, but when you are like me and too stingy to spend full price to get something done, it will be some work on my part. I have some ideas.  We'll see.

Happy to be starting on a new decor job on Wednesday.  I am also enjoying the vignette decor project for a women's shelter made possible by a few people who caught the vision and made donations to make this possible.

Good Night. Back tomorrow evening.

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