Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Day 13: Berry, Don't Be Afraid

When it comes to color, don't be afraid.  Searching some inspiration for this berry color, here are some inspirations I found.  In this photo, the green is a great complimentary color.

vintage sofa rojos muebles reciclados funcional fucsia estilo romántico estilo fresco espejo vintage diseño de interiores Decoración de interiores blanco:

I love the deep gray which tones down the bright color sofa and lets it take the show.

Abbie Sofa - Berry    pier1.com:

Even better, I love the neutral sofa and the pop of berry color on the wall.  There is no better way to give your room a lift than paint, the biggest bang for the buck.
Paired with this charcoal sofa, it looks great!

I wouldn't normally go for this color, but with the artwork and the couch, I could dig it.

Here's an example of using the berry just as a pop in this would be neutral space.

TOP TIP: Use Marsala for an intense single feature wall.:

Today, shoulder to the wheel, I got A LOT done.  Looking forward to a church design/decor job coming up.  Have a great Wednesday!

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