Sunday, October 02, 2016

31 Days of Writing | 2016

This is my third year to join The Nester's 31 Days of Writing.  I actually begin looking forward to October and writing as it keeps me in focus for 31 days on one subject.  As an Interior Designer, I have normally chosen to write on my days of creative work.  This time, I want to focus on how I will make this month AWESOME!

Being a person who frequently post on Facebook, Instagram and blogging, I love to go back and review my days of my reports of beauty around me and each positive segment I am able to take away from that day.

I hope you will enjoy tagging along with me this month.  I promise I will work hard to not bore you.

Let's just see what unfolds this October 2016 and we attempt to make October AWESOME!!

Click on the link to open each day:

Day One:  A Small Gesture

Day Three:  Green Inspirations

Day Four:  Learning to Relax

Day Six:  Seeds in Your Day

Day Seven:  Priority

Day Eight:  Lucky Five

Day Nine:  Abundance

Day Eleven:  Groves

Day Twelve:  A Cool Shopping Spot

Day Thirteen:  This Week's Find

Day Fourteen:  Smocks of Love

Day Fifteen:  Bigger Than Yourself

Day Sixteen:  Make It Great

Day Seventeen:  My Mini Sketch Gallery

Day Eighteen:  Beta Academy Design Work

Day Twenty-Two:  Comfy and Cute

Day Twenty-Three:  The Powder Room

Day Twenty-Four:  Monday

Day Twenty-Five:  Optimal Health Care

Day Twenty-Six:  Sarah's House

Day Twenty-Seven:  kat-er-foil

Day Thirty:  Fruit Cocktail Cake Recipe

Day Thrity-One:  We Made It!

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