Monday, October 17, 2016

Day Seventeen: My Mini Sketch Gallery

On Valentines Day this year my hubby bought me the latest and great IPhone 6S.  Soon afterwards, he went into the hospital with some flare ups in blood sugars and acidity levels, etc.

It was at this time, sitting at the hospital I discovered the "notes" on my phone AND the + on the right bottom of screen.  Clicking on the + I discovered a tool bar with pens, markers, ruler and colors to choose from.  So at that time, with my little arthritic right pointer finger, I began to draw.

I thought for you that did not know of this "hidden" talent (lol) may enjoy a little gallery I want to show you in this post.

Remember, this is done on a IPhone screen and with one finger.  So don't be too critical.  : )

You will see I have this little love affair with chairs.  Even in real life.

This is an actual room I did transforming a bedroom into a full closet.

This I did anticipating in wearing this outfit.  It was a new Lularoe dress I just got at a Pop Up Boutique with Hannah.

After revamping my closet, it was so cozy that I did not want to leave that space.  I had added a large ottoman and enjoyed sitting there on my phone and taking in the beauty after a lot of hard work.

This night, I sketched this.  As soon as I posted on my Instagram, I could not believe how many likes I instantly began to get.  So, maybe you will like it too.

 Just trying a new technique.

Mid Century Modern Inspired

Somehow, she just looked like a Mindy.

Well, I tried.  Not sure if this is my niche.

Thanks for coming to my gallery!

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