Sunday, October 02, 2016

Day One: A Small Gesture

I sat down to my desk after a super busy day of doing some painting in my living room.  I began to think of what I would write about on my first day.

I looked down in front of my computer, and there I found this little flower my sweet Abigail Summer Madden left there for me.

This week end wraps up a special week with Abbey getting to be with her 24/7.  Abbey is my granddaughter who normally only gets to come see us every other week end, Thursday evenings and some holidays.

So this little flower is a ray of sunshine on the first day of October and the end of a busy day.

Don't over look the tiniest things in life.  This small gesture was her love language to tell me show loved me and thought of me when she picked this flower.  According to "Focus on the Family", when you learn the love language of someone you love, then for that person to feel loved back will also like your love to be expressed the same way or they may not realize you are saying you love them.

Have a blessed Sunday!  See you tomorrow night.  Smiles.

Abbey, yesterday helping me work in the living room.

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