Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Day 25: Optimal Health Care

In September, I began to have a severe pain in my back.  I could not sleep all night.  The moment I woke, I did not go straight to the coffee pot as normal, but straight to my phone and call my insurance to see if I had coverage for chiropractic services.

They directed me to Optimal Health Care in Texas City.  My first visit that same day, I could hardly fill out the paperwork I was in so much discomfort.  They allowed me to get on the machines right away and I got a first slight adjustment just to help me survive to my next visit with complete xrays and plan.

Long story short, I was instantly helped with the combined therapy they offer.  Below I have photos of some of the machines I use.  They have also supplied me with a shocking type mini device to calm muscles tensed from pain.  We used that for awhile.  Also, we got a back brace.  This was good for the time, but I have had to only use it for a week or two on and off as needed.

Their therapy includes, machines, chiropractic adjustment, shots in trigger points and massage with hand vibrators.

I have enjoyed meeting and getting to know this team of people who have brought me quickly to a no pain existence.

This is where I start out each day here.
This swivels quickly side to side and a quick vibrating type motion.

This one feels really great.  You sit with feet tucked under some foot rest, then let your weight rest backwards stretching your lower back mainly.  Crossing your leg over the other also gives a great stretch to your leg/hip joint.

This is my favorite nurse.  She and her team gives you an injection in trigger points to help make everything else more effective.

This is the main chiropractor that gives all adjustments, Dr. Davis.

Once you get the injection, one of the nurses help with a massage using a hand vibrator to help get the injection throughout the muscle area.

Once a week, I use one of the tables that not only holds you with your feet elevated but also 
vibrates to help separate the spine areas that want to touch, causing pain.

Positive feeds on this, one of three, slideshow is available to view while on machines.

I snapped a pic of a patient getting an adjustment.

Here is a perfect spine.  Mine has some curve caused from years of living and a few car wrecks I have been in.  This is the goal.

Two of the nurses that work the floor area and does various other jobs.

This was my least favorite machine as it vibrates so much your nose tickles and ears and all drives you crazy.  For only 1.5 minutes, I found, one day in pain, it was the main one that did a great job instantly.

Super close to this practice on Palmer Highway, Texas City, is my little stopping place.  I log onto their internet and catch up before heading home or to another client home or to shop for clients.

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