Saturday, October 22, 2016

Day 21: Favorite Quick Big Inexpensive Recipe

Everyone loves when you can find something that is quick, delicious and does not break the pocketbook to make.  This has been a family favorite and I have even used it for a crowd.  

I also shared this recipe at a Ladies Gathering at our church when speaking on "Living Large on Little".  We prepared and served it beautifully. 

Tip One:  Purchase Ground Chuck in a large package and Saute' all at once. Separate into one pound portions and freeze.  This way, when you need a quick meal, you can take out, make this recipe or another one of your recipes that calls for ground beef as a first ingredient.

Tip Two:  Barefoot Contessa shares her secret of knowing how to stock your pantry for meals when you don't feel like going to the store.  So again, store these ingredients and you will always be ready to go.

Note:  When I was starting my business, in between decor jobs, I created "Box Lunch Deliveries" and delivered lunches to corporate offices.  This was one of them that was in the rotation.  Our dessert choice with this recipe was always Brown Sugar Coffee cake.  Let me know if you want the recipe.  Awesome!!  Our lunches were always served with a pretty napkin and a fresh flower.  The presentation was my niche.  My customers loved their weekly surprises.  My tag line for my business then and still is:  "delight, surprise, satisfy".

Taco Soup

1 to 1.5 pounds of ground beef

1 package of taco seasoning mix
1 package of Ranch Dressing mix, dry

2 cans of stewed tomatoes, I usually get the Mexican Style but plain is fine
1 can of Rotelle tomatoes, I use generics
1 can of red kidney beans
1 can of pinto beans
1 can of whole kernel corn, I delete if on a diet
1 can of black beans

Remember, a total of 7 cans

Tip Three:  My little secret ingredient is to add a little cumin, if you have it.  If not, for pennies you can purchase fresh ground by the oz. at HEB.  

Tip Four: I am not a fan of large chunks of tomatoes in my soup.  If you are like me and would prefer a finer texture, toss the cans of soup in your blender or food processor for just a bit and it will do the job fast.  A quick rinse and jet spray will take care of the clean up fast.

Brown ground chuck, if not already done ahead.
Drain off any excess dripping from meat.

Add the taco seasoning package and 
the Ranch Dressing packet.

Add 1 cup of water and mix all together with meat.

Open all the cans and add, do not drain off any water 
from cans.

Optional:  Add the cumin

Simmer and serve.

Tip Five:  Here is how to serve.  I use a open type of bowl, add tortilla chips on the side, a dollop of sour cream in the center and/or shredded sharp cheddar cheese.  If you serve the bowl on a plate, you can add the chips on the side then some shredded lettuce and tomatoes on the side also to make even prettier adding a fresh touch.

It makes a nice presentation and even better served the second time around.

FYI:  Using a normal size ladle, if my memory is right, you should be able to serve 10 people and the cost will be around ten dollars!



Loreatha Stringer said...

Looks Good... I'm going to have to try this.

Donna Madden said...

Let me know how you like it.