Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Finding My Best Life with The Pampered Chef

At the end of 2008, my husband resigned as pastor at The Pentecostals of Crosby due to some severe health challenges. This was a real leap of faith financially. I knew that I really needed to find a job opportunity that would allow me to help with the budget, but at the same time, I was really needed to help assist my husband who was really battling to even get around in our home.

My sister-in-law came up with a brilliant idea that I should pursue The Pampered Chef business opportunity. I really valued Shelley's opinion, and dove in. Her friend, now my director, has worked with the Pampered Chef for 14 years and is blessed with a great income and annual exotic vacations for her family.

Since becoming a consultant with the PC family, I now own my own business, and have already reached the future director level. I have fallen in love with the products. This month, I have 9 cooking shows in my schedule. I love meeting people everywhere I go and showing them how they can have a "best life" with the Pampered Chef.

I have a personal web site, but am not allowed to advertise it per PC rules. If you would like to visit my site, please contact me through my email address and I would be happy to direct you to this site and assist you with some great products, show you have you can receive free and discounted products or how you too can enjoy the benefits of working with the PC family. My website address is, without me sharing the actual link is: pampered chef dot biz slash your best life dot com You can figure it out.


Through Him Fellowship said...

Hi Donna,

Pampered Chef is great. Its good your husband resigned Crosby UPC. Unfortunately it seems like every Pastor there that has stayed, has died from heart conditions.

I used to be the Associate Pastor there a number of years ago.

God Bless,

Donna Madden said...

just so you know...i do not have my pc web site but am still doing parties and selling products. just can't let go of these great products. I am truly a "pampered chef!"