Thursday, August 06, 2015

What Inspires You?

living room.

Some of my favorite places to get inspirations is looking back at my Pinterest boards.  Under what I call my "White" board, is this photo. 

What makes it special?  I think it is natural light, buy subtle.  Candle lights, the plushness of the pillows and just serene look of the basics of a white space.

The addition of a sparkling chandelier, some charcoal pillows and the very soft pink roses are stunning.

Mimic the look on a budget:

Other spaces that give the same effect:


Like how the front of the tub is covered up by drywall and painted the wall color.


soft hues

Simple and very easy to duplicate ....


Good Night ....

Beautiful cut glass vases with roses, tons of candle glow- so romantic!

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