Sunday, October 12, 2014

"My" Flea Market Flip

Day 11:

Today marked the day of our first Flea Market Flip for our Heartstrings Ladies Ministry at my church.  I am the Ladies' Director and this is a major event planned and kicked off for the first time.  We who opted to do so, competed in a mock up of TLC's Flea Market Flip trying to find some awesomeness to flip, reinvent and make a profit.  

On November 16, with the help of our Frontline Men's Ministries for a little "man power" to flip our items,  we will be auctioning off our flipped items.  All monies will benefit our Heartstrings Ladies Department helping fund another annual event, A Table in the Wilderness.  

Here is just a peak at what I found at Larry's Old Time Trade Days, Winnie, Texas.  

Chinoiserie Peacock Chair. Hollywood Regency High Fan Back. Home Decor. Rattan. Wicker. Tiki. Patio Chair. Garden Decor.. $350,00, via Etsy.

Here it is on Etsy:

Chinoiserie Peacock Chair. Hollywood Regency High Fan Back. Home Decor. Rattan. Wicker. Tiki. Patio Chair. Garden Decor.


    • Vintage item from the 1980s
    • Materials: rattan, straw, wicker
      Vintage Peacock Chair. 
    A fantastic peacock chair with a black woven trim in wonderful vintage condition. Very similar to the style featured on the front cover of Rue Magazine in July! These fan back chairs were manufactured between the 60s and 80s. I would love to see this chair painted a bright color to make a statement in your bohemian chic decor. Left as it is it would be the perfect addition to your bohemian chic space. One spot on left side of fan back where black rattan is missing. 

    Please let me know if you have any questions that would help you decide if this chair is the perfect fit for your space. **More photos available.


    20" deep (seat 19" diameter)

    34.75" wide

    **Cushion not included. Check out Etsy handmade sellers to have one custom made.
    Their Price:  $350.

    The flea market vendor was asking $20.  I asked if they would take $10. and...they did!!

    And, mine will include a cushion once done.  It will go on an auction bid on November 16, following our service and dinner.

    So, I still had 10 more dollars to spend!  I went to the outskirts in the rain and told that vendor I only had $10.  Looking at this piece, I said "I am sure this is more than $10." He said you might be surprised.  With one phone call, he said, it's mine for 10 bucks!  Now, you have to be believing with me on this one.  It is a possible diamond in the rough.

    I have not found anything to compare this with since it is pretty rough shape.  Below, I did find one similar on Etsy.  Mine, indeed has some character marks and if it could speak, I am sure it could tell you some stories.  : )

    I am open to your suggestions.  I have some of my own.  I do think I can get more than ten dollars.  It has the porcelain top.

    This was the best I could find.  Also from Etsy for 

    Antique Art Deco Red and White Porcelain Enamel Top Kitchen Table Chrome Hairpin Legs Two Extension Leaves Store Inside

    $195.00 USD
    Only 1 available


      • Vintage item from the 1930s
      • Materials: porcelain, enamel, chrome, wood
      • Antique Art Deco Red and White Porcelain Enamel Top Kitchen Table Chrome Hairpin Legs Two Extension Leaves Store Inside

      Mine is missing the extension pieces on the sides.

      Their description:
        Incredible Art Deco style antique table with a top of porcelain enamel. It has two built in extensions on spring-loaded supports which still work just fine! Supported by wood frame with original white paint and original chrome hairpin legs. The top is white with red edging.
      I have seen dates for these tables from the 1920's to 1950's, probably because they were so sturdy and practical - they just kept making them! 

      Measures 40" by 25" with the extensions stored, 40" by 45" with them extended. You can just extend one side but I have shown it with both open and both closed. It is 31" tall.

      Condition is fair. The top has several areas where the enamel is missing, these are the black areas in the photo. Also there are many scratches in the top. The paint of the base is chippy and the chrome legs are rusted. 

      I cannot provide shipping but can recommend a site like which is easy to use. An interested potential buyer in Brooklyn got quotes to ship this table to them which ranged from $120-$240. Just to give you an idea of what shipping could be to that area. Or, you can pickup from Silver Spring which is in the Washington, DC metro area.

      In spite of my crude findings, I think I did pretty well.  I will be posting by November 16 the end results for both pieces.  


      The Harrah's said...

      I LOVE flipping things! Although I haven't done it fully yet, I like the idea. HAHA! I got a PAIR of chairs for 20 bucks... Good chairs at that, all I am going to do is re paint, reupholster or try something new!, and done! I also have a night stand I am going to repaint that I got for free! :) I can't wait to see your items come together! I want to go to this flea market, I went to one in San Antonio a few weekends ago and it was ok... I am thinking this one will be better and more to what I was thinking. I did get a bike for Christmas in the box never opened, I opened and checked all the pieces for 15 bucks. He wanted 20! :) I love dealing!!

      Ok, now that I've written a book... I'll end it!! I have been enjoying your 30 days!! :)

      Donna Madden said...

      ♥ great to hear your comments. hope you make it to the auction. you are welcomed to flip and item for us!!

      Donna Madden said...

      rebecca, you may just want to bid on this table. the base is the yellow i painted the little table you purchased from me.