Thursday, October 09, 2014

Blood Moon in the Decorator's World

Day Eight:

At the 2015 Sherwin Williams color forecast at the Decorative Center of Houston, one of the color palettes was to be an inspiration from the blood moons scheduled to appear in our atmosphere.  Here is what they are saying about one of the color palettes that include the blood moon:


“To boldly go where no man has gone before.” That phrase 
was fantasy when it was born during the Sputnik era. Today 
we’re living it. The sci-fi dreams of the past have become 
everyday reality — from space tourism to undersea resorts. 
No longer confined to our earthly plane, we look to the 
beyond and find colors that are supernatural and magical. 
Unusual atmospheric events, including a decade-best 
aurora borealis and a rare sequence of “blood moons,” 
will keep our focus on the heavens in the months ahead.

Here is a room painted in the Blood Moon color: SW0007

This is a photo posted by my artist friend, Ben Gradwell.
What an amazing shot!  I wish I would have set my alarm to see this!

Good night.  Next time.

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Gary Madden said...

Another good one!