Friday, October 27, 2006

Sharing My Client’s Office Makeover

Shelley’s office is overlooking the Houston Galleria area on the 23 floor, just off Post Oak Blvd. I will have to say, that when I first walked into this office, it was overwhelming. There was just so much “stuff” everywhere. We had a real challenge to decluttering and creating a great work space that would be a serene place for Shelley. Her boss, for whom she conducts his affairs, gave Shelley the freedom to have her office done to her taste.

We used art that Shelley found online and ordered. This became our inspiration pieces. We chose paint colors for the walls and purchased other accessories for the office to flow with our color scheme.

Problem: The door from the hallway forced the room arrangement that made Shelley’s office area a walk through area.
Solution: We had the building management to move the door opening to the other end of the room. This allowed Shelley’s area to be the center focal point when entering the room and also gave her a sky view, which she did not have before.

Her boss had 2 file boxes that he wanted out on an entry table because he needed access to them frequently.

Solution: I found some wonderful legal size file boxes at Pottery Barn (a little pricey, but worth it). They were fabric covered in a jute and we chose a color to fit in.

Problem: Shelley had an array of rubber stamps that needed to be out because of their frequent uses.
Solution: I found 2 enameled baskets that matched our colors to keep on her desk, which also housed some note pads.

Problem: Her “to be filed” box needed to allow larger notebook binders.

Solution: I found 2 more baskets at Marshall’s, one for her “to be filed” and the other for out going mail.

Problem: All of the mail, papers to be reviewed, signed, etc. went into a tickler divider file. This file had to stay on her desk because it was the work horse of her communication with her boss.
Shelley purchased a new file and I covered it in raw silk, wired ribbon and acid free lining paper. (See photo)

This was a challenging, but fun project. Art pieces were custom framed at Hobby Lobby. Hope this office makeover was an inspiration for you to try. Let me know how it comes out! (Press my profile to get to my “email me” address.


Gary Madden said...

you did a great job
love it

momofalot said...

Donna did wonders with my office. It is such a pleasure to walk into an office that is pleasing to the eye yet organized and functional. I still use the silk covered file divider everyday. I have had numerous compliments on the decor. Thanks, Donna.

Anonymous said...

Love that deep pumpkin color on the wall! May I ask what you used. Great job by the way!


expression yourself with uppercase living said...

Love it, so fresh and fun! Now all you need are some words on your walls! A nice saying or the company's mission statement...