Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Gaining Power Over The Things We Can Change

"Living beautifully with ourselves and others requires gaining the power over the things we can change, maximizing the positive things, appreciating without guilt all the good, and minimizing the negatives."

Alexandra Stoddard, Living Beautifully Together

Most of us at sometime or another are faced with situations that we cannot change. Pressures of life find us paralyzed and unable to function at our best. It could be having to deal with a sick child, financial reverses, living in an unpleasant situation, or coping with a physical handicap.

When I have felt myself backed up against a wall, yes, there are times that I really would like to just crawl in bed and hope to never wake up until the situation is resolved, but there is a better solution.

When life has you down, you feel you have no power and no control. I think most of us like to feel like we are in control. Look around. Right now, look around and see what it is you can control. Get into motion and begin to do something.

Success breeds success.

When you get to moving, your situation begins to change. It may be clearing off your desk, filing, cleaning your mirrors, exercising or any number of things.

Each day make a list of things you need to accomplish in that day and you will feel more in control.

Focus on what is good rather than what is bad. When you do, you will begin to feel more in control because actually, now, you are. Your situation may not ever change, but, be encouraged that you do have the power to change the things you can change.

Think about it.

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momofalot said...

This is so true especially in relationships. Many times we spend so much time trying to change our husband, our children, or others. If we can focus all that time and energy on changing ourselves, it is surprising how much our outlook on life changes. Honestly, changing myself is all the work I can handle! I have no control over others but I am learning to control myself.