Monday, October 05, 2015

Day 4: Give Me Your Inspiration

So tell me if I would have it right???  If you were to show me this photo and said, "I am in love with this look and please design my new condo sitting area to reflect this style".  With this as my only inspiration, here is what I may choose for you.

JUST BLACK - black lace trim skirt top oversized long sleeve sweater by VivaLuxury:

A velvet sofa in your classic color.
  A structural end table in polished silver and 2 top leather tuxedo sides modern club chairs.

 Sherwin Williams matte Shoji White paint                              A romantic throw pillow

A black and white chevron print wool rug

A classic yet romantic chandelier.

OK, now, tell me.  Do you think I may have gotten it right??

Thanks for stopping by on my Day 4 of 31 days of writing.  Today has already started with some new decor projects I am looking forward to beginning next week.  We are also looking forward to a major Fall Fest we are leading in the planning for our Heartstrings Ladies Ministries at the Church Triumphant.
Have a great week.  Back tomorrow night.

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